Proven by experience.  Back by science.

Not Everything We Practice Is Practical.

Just because we do something doesn't mean it's the best way to do it.  We take the very best approaches we've seen work and apply the science behind why they work to create a framework for you to achieve incredible success.

One Size Does

Not Fit All.

We all know it but it's still easy to fall victim to a belief that what works for someone else will work for you.  The very best practices are practices designed and developed for your unique self.

Is the belief that we all truly desire to excel in our lives and our work. Satisfaction and fulfillment start with a passion to go beyond great, beyond excellent to mastery itself.

With mastery comes inspiration and the impact we have on other peoples lives and the world we live in as well as the legacy we leave behind. How will other people remember you? We all yearn to leave the world with a lasting impression of greatness.​

We celebrate too little in life and it's easy to fail to celebrate growth, oftentimes we don't even see it happening until after the fact. We help identify key moments of growth and the breakthroughs that will elevate your joy in the journey itself.

We aren't meant to go through life without having a community and the very best of us thrive in a community where we can give of ourselves and to others. Helping others is a core tenet and belief that is essential to find true satisfaction and fulfillment in life. To be successful and really Be Rich means helping others achieve their dreams and aspirations and having them help you!

Meet your coaches

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Michael Smith, Co-Founder